Vintage Moto Style

While I was lost down the rabbit hole of Getty Images I found this snapshot. They look like a fun group to ride with and I’ll take that plaid peacoat in the center.

Back in the day, when I worked for Motorcycle Cruiser I had the opportunity to contribute a few articles. I thought it might be a good idea to put up some links to my favorites.

This is a piece from 2009 about a record-breaking run by a Gregor Moe on Victory Kingpin at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville salt flats. I’ve always been fascinated by Speed Week at Bonneville and wanted to do  a more in-depth story at some point but that never happened.  In the meantime here is the link to my story.



Today is ride to work day. Since I’m currently unemployed I’m riding to fun!


It’s still January, I still have time to sort out my goals for the year. I know that this is always on-going but the turn of a new year makes such a nice starting point.

Commute more often

This is such an obvious basic—Ride More! I get lazy about riding to work when the weather isn’t perfect. That isn’t unreasonable, but we are heading into spring so I can’t use it as an excuse quite so easily anymore. When I’m riding to work regularly, I feel like my skills are at their best.

Ride new places more often

I ride the same roads all the time. My favorite slice of canyon is a fast road filled with great sweeping turns. My speed is partially chosen by how close I plan to stay to the speed limit—and it’s a heavily enforced road. I realized recently, while riding an unfamiliar road significantly tighter than my usual, just how much I rely on knowing the road. I’m out of practice with seeing a corner and picking the appropriate speed.

Upgrades for the Bonnie

I love the Bonneville, for me it’s a perfect bike. The Race Tech suspension is simply awesome and I love the exhaust. I just have some minor updates that I’d love to make. First on the agenda, new mirrors. I still have the stockers and I know style isn’t everything but they look so dorky. Second, I want a fender eliminator. The fake chrome at the rear has to go. I need to come up with something because I don’t want to mount the turn signals on the shocks.

Track Days

Yes, I want to get back to the track this year but I need to be in better physical shape. It isn’t even my size so much as it is my flexibility.  It’s been over two years…track days are expensive! It’s also one of those things that I feel I should be much better at then I really am. I need to go in with a relaxed attitude and not stress about my progress compared to the rest of the group.

So there are my main moto-goals for the year. I figure getting it in writing is the first step.Image


I live in Los Angeles, right in the heart of the insanity. I’m one of those crazy people that actually like it here but I definitely need a break on a regular basis. The traffic, the smog, the congestion, the crazies and plastic can all be just too TOO much. The ability to escape the city and get out in the mountains is absolutely essential to my mental well-being.

I love that in just a few short miles I can be making my way into the San Gabriel Mountains and the sweeping turns of the Angeles Crest Highway. I’ve been riding this road since I first got on a motorcycle and it is still my favorite road in the Los Angeles area.


The San Gabriel Mountains from Angeles Crest Highway near old Highway 39


This past Sunday up on Angeles Crest Highway, I ran into this cool old bike. Now Newcomb’s Ranch sees a little bit of everything from the motoworld passing through—from high-end exotics to vintage relics. This one was particularly cool though; it’s a 1978 Honda CT90.

Honda manufactured the CT90, or Trail 90, from 1966 to 1979 and now they are  popular with collectors. The bike is powered by an 89cc single cylinder engine matched up to a four-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. The CT90 was replaced in 1980 with the CT110 which continued in the US market until 1986. It really was the precursor to our modern dual-sports.

The transmission set up is kind of cool. It’s dual speed sub-transmission with four speeds in low and four speeds in high. The high range is for pavement and has a top speed of around 55 mph while the low range is more for off road and steep terrain. It’s kind of the same idea as my old jeep—it had a granny low gear for the dirty stuff too. All the rider needs to do to switch ranges is come to a complete stop, hit neutral and flip the lever on the tranny housing and ride on.

Every time we go for a ride, a piece of the fun comes from hanging out and checking out all the cool rides. I always find something I want o add to the garage. This little bike definitely turned my head, it’s in great shape and looks like tons of fun.  The CT90 has been added to my want list.Image

There’s nothing like diving into the deep end, right? Don’t worry; I’m not drifting off into the mystic.

Why a blog?

Why this time?

I love motorcycles, I love riding, I love the two-wheeled world. Many friends, my free-time and a fair chunk of my money revolve around bikes. Conventional wisdom says to work at something you love and I’m lucky enough to work in the motorcycle industry that I’m passionate about.

While I work on several motorcycle magazines I only occasionally contribute to the editorial content. I feel like I give a false impression if I tell another rider about the magazines I work for. I’ve put myself in a position where I’ve silenced myself. The simple fact is, I do have a voice. I can’t complain about not being heard if I don’t speak.

And so we come full circle.


Hi! My name is April and I’m a motorcycle addict.

Everybody is multi-dimensional; it’s a basic tenant of humanity. I know I’m not a special snowflake but of course I want to believe that I have something to say. One of my choices with creating this website is just how focused I want to be.  My longest running profile for social media is: Motorcycle addict, coffee junkie, beer geek, whiskey drinker and Los Angeles crazy person. I think that’s a pretty good place to start.